Recommended Process

20|20 Skills™ is the original and most versatile system for human capital management in the service industry. Outlined below is our recommended approach for hiring success - and where 20|20 Skills adds value.

Recommended Approach Process Diagram

The usefulness of 20|20 Skills goes beyond HR screening and selection. Our assessment also offers a streamlined and structured approach across the employment lifecycle:

  • Onboarding understanding how new hires need to be supported in their roles and acclimated to the company culture.
  • Ongoing Development establishing specific performance goals for individuals’ coaching and training.
  • Periodic Team Alignment and Engagement identifying strengths and the crucial challenges to a team's cohesion and performance.
  • Benchmarking creating success profiles and competency models to hire and train against.
  • Strategic Succession Planning identifying and tracking competency sets for gap analyses, benchstrength and succession.