Profile of a Hospitality Superstar

Top organizations in the service-hospitality industries seek talented and passionate personnel throughout the organizational chart. These superstars bring key competencies to their positions.

Created from the latest, cutting-edge research by Cornell University, AETHOS Consulting Group™, and the world-renowned psychometric firm Integrated Knowledge Systems, the 20|20 Skills™ assessment provides feedback and insights on 10 crucial performance characteristics that go beyond mere personality traits:

Cognitive Skills

  • Creativity

    Measuring aspects of innovation, creativity and curiosity.

  • Problem Solving

    Measuring ability to think strategically, and find solutions to complex problems and situations.

People Skills

  • Group Process and Team Building

    Measuring needs for collaboration, accountability and team work.

  • Leadership

    Measuring big picture orientation, vision and goal setting.

  • Sense of Humor

    Measuring ability to use and appreciate humor in social and business situations as a means to build rapport and diffuse interpersonal conflict and tension.

  • Sensitivity to Diversity

    Measuring sensitivities to individual, cultural and ethnic differences.

Execution Skills

  • Ethical Awareness and Rule Mindedness

    Measuring concerns for fairness, equity, integrity and ethics.

  • Loyalty to Company

    Measuring a candidate's capacity to identify strongly with an employer and exhibit dedication and obedience to company policies, procedures, vision and mission.

  • Motivation & Self-Efficacy

    Measuring aspects of emotional intelligence, confidence, independence, self-direction and reaction to stress.

  • Service Orientation

    Measuring concerns for guest or customer satisfaction.