Our 5 Step Program

20|20 Skills™ is the original and most versatile system for human capital management in the hospitality industry. Outlined below is our recommended approach for hiring success - and where 20|20 Skills adds value.


Our consultants and your senior management team set goals, timelines and desired outcomes. Together, we communicate the benefits of 20|20 Skills to your employees and educate them on the subject of screening, benchmarking and measuring processes.


We conduct training for your company's designated 20|20 Skills administrators. Training includes sessions on product use, customization, interpretation and measurement techniques. The training program set-up and implementation requires 1-2 days to complete.


To maximize the benefit of 20|20 Skills in your hiring process, we assist you in establishing company benchmarks. Your employees complete a 20|20 Skills profile and the results are compiled. A customized report is submitted to you that identifies internal benchmarks for positional success and areas of organizational strength and limitation.


Our consultants support your administrators in the rollout of the program. After implementation, technical and interpretive support is available on an "as needed" basis.

Measure Outcomes

Using industry and company benchmarks, you can measure success against any number of critical outcomes with our customized ROI studies. Common indices include guest and employee satisfaction, service deficits, asset integrity and profitability. We recommend that you measure on a quarterly or annual basis.