About Us

20|20Assess® is proprietary to AETHOS Consulting Group™, the leading global human capital advisory firm focused on the hospitality sector, specializing in executive search, compensation consulting and organizational effectiveness, as well as talent assessment and customer and employee opinion surveys. 20|20Assess&® is a suite of products and services to maximize your human capital ROI. We do this through our cumulative:

  • Science – our psychometric assessments have robust reliability and validity; all tools were validated using the same gold-standard statistics used in best practice tests like the GRE, MCAT and GMAT.
  • Service – we back everything we do with 24/7 support by expert practitioners in psychometrics and organizational psychology.
  • Specialization – our practitioners are passionate about the hospitality and service industries; we understand the issues you face as this is our niche.

For these reasons many of the top brands in the industry have leveraged us as trusted advisors and providers. Clients include: Belmond (formerly Orient-Express), Royal Caribbean Cruises, Sunstone Hotel Investors, the Briad Group, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, and MGM Hakkasan Hospitality



We adopt a practical, evidence-based approach to addressing all varieties of assessments and surveys, as well as leadership and workplace issues. We leverage our international experts in tests and measurements, social sciences, computer science and business management to provide you with customized solutions. We support you in the four critical Performance Principles inherent to all well-run organizations:


“Why does your organization exist and what do you value?”
  • Model organizations have a clear business agenda: “the big picture.”


“What strategies and goals will allow you to serve your purpose?”
  • Model organizations have defined strategies and desired results: a roadmap to reach the destination.


“What resources and tactics do you require to support your strategies?”
  • Model organizations have a clear structure and allocation of resources to sustain the strategies and goals it has defined.


“How do you measure success?”
  • Model organizations have clear metrics for measuring success.

Research indicates that mathematical models of behavior and workplace effectiveness produce insights and results that consistently outperform the subjective opinions or “gut” feelings from even experienced managers who feel confident in their evaluations of people and situations. Accordingly, there is a strong competitive advantage for organizations that properly measure and model employee competencies and workplace observations, local and wider market trends, as well as consumer feedback. These types of outcomes are typically interrelated and more valid, strategic and profitable business decisions can be made when organizations understand how one set of metrics correlates to other sets. We therefore identify assessment as the foundation of leading edge HR processes.